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Liquid wax as a lubricant


Liquid wax as a product?

    Liquid Wax is a lubricant and preservative product that is often used to give a silky and shiny finish to surfaces such as wood, leather, metal and more. Such wax is available in a liquid form, which enables easy application and even distribution on the surface of the protective layer.

    What waxes are on the market and their applications

      Liquid wax is useful for furniture, cars, skis, bicycles, motorcycles and more.

      Liquid waxes are divided into:

      Liquid ceramic wax is a combination of synthetic wax with hydrophobic polymers and SiO2 quartz for long-term protection. The extracted depth of color, after applying ceramic wax, gives an extraordinary effect and brings out the shine from the varnish, causing a mirror gloss of the surface.
      Liquid molybdenum wax which is a special type of wax used to preserve metals, including steel and iron. It is made of a mixture of synthetic wax and molybdenum oxide, which is a powerful antioxidant. This wax is water and moisture resistant as well as being durable and long lasting with molybdenum in it for long term dry lubrication.
      Liquid Teflon wax based on natural or synthetic wax, which is applied to various products to improve their lubricating and release properties. Teflon wax is very durable and heat resistant, and is hard and corrosion resistant.
      Liquid synthetic wax is easy to apply and dries quickly, but may be less durable compared to natural wax. Natural waxes, such as beeswax, are more durable, but require extra care and time to dry.

          Advantages of wax:

          • prevents friction and wear
          • protects the surface against corrosion and moisture
          • increases durability
          • surface protection against damage and dirt
          • gives a unique shine.
          • protects against scratches
          • suitable for all conditions: dry, damp, very wet.
          • it is especially useful for use in dirt, water and snow

            Wax as the best solution for bicycles and motorcycles

              As die-hard cyclists, we will focus below in the description of liquid wax as a chain lubricant.

              Wax chain lubrication is often used on bicycles and less often on motorcycles as wax can protect the chain from corrosion, dirt and increase its durability.

              Most often, we use ceramic waxes to lubricate the bicycle chain.

              Chain wax application

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              1. It is important to use the right type of wax that is suitable for the conditions in which the chain will be used.
              2. thoroughly clean the chain of dirt and old grease
              3. the surface to be lubricated should be thoroughly degreased
              4. the liquid wax used to lubricate the chain must be so liquid that it easily penetrates into the chain pins
              5. apply wax to the surface of the chain with a cloth, brush or dropper.
              6. by turning the pedals, we spread liquid wax to all elements of the chain, including: pins (pins), cotter pins, bushings, plates and rollers.
              7. after applying the wax, allow it to dry for a few hours or more, depending on the type of wax and weather conditions.
              8. Use a cloth or brush to remove excess wax from the chain.
              9. After the wax has dried, check that the chain is properly lubricated and that the wax has not been washed off while riding.
              10. A change in chain noise (metallic noise) indicates wear of the wax lubricant. Consider reapplying it.

                In short, lubricating the chain with wax is important for its durability and corrosion protection. For best results, clean the chain thoroughly, use a suitable wax and allow it to dry before use.

                To answer the question of oil or chain wax, we need to know the conditions in which the chain will work. Dry chain wax is an ideal solution for everyone who cares about their chain and goes for a ride in difficult conditions, e.g. mud, rain, sand, snow. Our knowledge of the technical characteristics of the liquid wax and the type of route in which it will be used determines which wax for the bicycle chain to use. Currently, all liquid waxes that are a mixture of waxes and lubricants are so-called. ceramic waxes, which also contain polymers with hydrophobic properties and additives for long-term protection.

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