Bartosz Zmarzlik Łożysko hybrydowe do motoru

Hybrid bearing for the motor

Why THE BEST hybrid bearing?
What is a hybrid bearing? We recommend using:
QUESTION! Advantages:
Examples of the weight of selected bearings used in speedway motors
What is the secret of the speed of Bartosz Zmarzlik, the best player from Poland at the moment. ?
The power of the car in the frame from the bike requires perfection, professionalism in all components used in the frame, wheels, clutch and other parts. Even the small power gains we get on the bearings used in the motorcycle add up.
Speedway bikes have excellent acceleration, even better than Formula 1 cars where ceramic and hybrid bearings are standard and the place we take in the first corner is of great importance.
The use of a hybrid bearing will make the biggest difference in the first 30 meters, where everyone is using full power and nuances such as low starting friction will often determine a winning start.
Tomasz Dryla
The world of motorcycles from July 10, 2021
asked Bartosz Zmarzlik:
Do you remember those first laps on the 500?
"Of course I did! It was a blast! Only then did I spread my wings. I felt the speed, power and potential of a dirt bike. I knew immediately that this was the sport for me, that I would devote myself to it."

"The best riders are constantly improving and experimenting with their equipment and this applies to virtually the entire motor dispute, although everyone uses a veil of what technical solution they used."
Why THE BEST hybrid bearing?

  • higher revs and put almost zero energy consumption into motion
  • extreme temperatures
  • not afraid of dust and water
  • low weight and high strength
  • price = quality

    What is a hybrid bearing?
    Hybrid bearings are made of steel inner and outer races of a guide cage made of PTFE or metal depending on the bearing manufacturer, rubber seals and ceramic balls made of silicon nitride (Si3N4).
    We recommend using:
    We know the hybrid bearing most often from applications working in difficult conditions
    conditions: high speed, climatic and refrigeration compressors, electric machines and gears, and where we care about the lowest possible energy consumption for movement, e.g. drones.
    • does it make sense to use hybrid bearings for a touring bike?
    • does it make sense to use it for a cross bike?
    • and what will be the importance of a hybrid bearing in a speedway motorcycle?
    • how particulate contamination affects bearing performance.
    We will know the answer after we get to know the hybrid bearing.
    • The first and biggest advantage of ceramic hybrid bearings in motorcycles over standard steel bearings is that ceramic hybrid bearings are able to achieve higher RPM for the same power delivered. Ceramic balls have a surface similar to glass, so they have almost no friction. In addition to reducing friction, lighter ceramic balls spin more efficiently at higher speeds.
    • The second advantage of using a ceramic hybrid bearing is its ability to operate at higher temperatures. Ceramic balls conduct heat, so when the bearing accelerates and decelerates, heats up and cools down, the balls are not affected.
    • The third advantage is the weight of the ceramic bearing. Ceramic balls are approximately 33% lighter than steel balls, which means a ceramic hybrid bearing will be lighter than a standard steel bearing. This difference in weight may not matter much to the casual user, but for highly competitive or performance-focused events, weight reduction should always be considered.
    • The fourth advantage is that ceramic balls are corrosion resistant, which helps them last longer when exposed to harsh external factors. hybrid bearings last 2 to 5 times longer than steel or stainless steel bearings.
    • The fifth advantage is that the ceramic is non-magnetic, which reduces the risk of damage from an external source.
    • The sixth advantage is that ceramic balls are actually lighter and more durable than steel balls, thanks to their microstructure and smoothness. Low adhesion and low friction means that hybrid bearings can perform well even when poor or little lubrication is used.
    animated bingo
      Examples of the weight of selected bearings used in speedway motors
      Name bearing weight
      steel (g)
      hybrid bearing weight (g) *
      6007 ZZ C4 157 132
      6205 2RS C3 134 113
      6204 2RS C3 109 94
      62032RS C3 70 57
      63032RS C4 115 101
      S61903 2RS 20 14.5
      S6000 2RS 24 16.3
      *Hybrid bearing weight quoted is for a steel cage
      Are there the most benefits of using a hybrid bearing in a touring bike? - I don't think so.
      In a cross bike, we will achieve the most benefits at the start.
      It seems that hybrid bearings are best used in speedway motorbikes and two-wheelers used for racing on an asphalt track - the so-called. Superbikes because it is in these motors that the maximum power is used at the moment of starting.

      Because hybrid bearings also spin faster due to the lower reciprocating mass (in practice, this means they start up faster) and it allows me to increase cranking power by about 20% compared to traditional bearings.
      It is in a speedway motorcycle that the starting torque plays a very important role in the entire running process.

      This element decided that our favorite Bingo finishes lower on a dirt bike. speedway motor

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