Silicones Dowsil™ PV adhesives and sealants for photovoltaics

Solutions for specific applications in the photovoltaic industry.

Photovoltaic potting compounds, electronic components adhesives, mounting rail adhesives, sealants for frames and junction boxes, repair and protective coatings, materials for optics are just some of the Dowsil™ PV (PhotoVoltaic) series products for photovoltaic modules.

The renewable energy market is growing rapidly and solar energy is the main pillar of this global energy transition. Dow supplies a range of proven materials, chemicals and technologies used in the production of photovoltaic devices. Dow's innovative adhesives, capsules, coatings, liquids and bonding materials make it easier for solar panel manufacturers to choose with outstanding long-term performance, reliability and ease of application.

Photovoltaic materials selection guide - DOW photovoltaic materials selection guide.pdf

Photovoltaic module

Photovoltaic module - Dow silicones used

  1. Frame or rails: DOWSIL™ frame sealants and rail adhesives
  2. Glass
  3. ENGAGE™ PV and DOWSIL™ encapsulations
  4. solar cells
  5. Sealants: ENGAGE™ PV and DOWSIL™
  6. Backsheet: DOWSIL™ Coatings, ADCOTE™ Adhesives, DOW™ Curing Agents
  7. Junction Box/Power Optimizer/Microinverter: DOWSIL™ Adhesives, Potting Agents and Electronic Encapsulations

Examples of applications of Dowsil™ PV products in photovoltaic modules

    • Encapsulation of cells Photovoltaic coatings: DOWSIL™ PV-6326
    • Junction box encapsulation: DOWSIL™ PV-7326 Potting agent
    • Gluing the door frame or junction box frame: DOWSIL™ PV-804 , DOWSIL™ PV-8404 ,
    • Guide Rail Bonding: Dowsil™ PV-8301 Fast Cure Sealant, DOWSIL™ PV-8303 Ultra Fast Cure Sealant
    • Backsheet repair: DOWSIL™ 7094 liquid sealant
    • Electrically conductive adhesive: DOWSIL™ EC-8425

Frame sealers and junction box adhesives

Sealing-photovoltaic-framesglue-to-the-connection-box of photovoltaics

DOW Products used:

> DOWSIL™ PV-804 neutral sealant (1-part sealant)

  • The excellent and durable adhesion necessary to attach the junction box to the photovoltaic laminates is crucial for the durability and longevity of the module.
  • The same material is used for both applications
  • Strong and durable adhesion to aluminum, glass, backsheet materials and junction box materials.

Adhesives for gluing rails / guides

Rails Rails are structural elements that hold the panels in place and provide a solid attachment to the supports. The solar panels are attached to the guide rails with special adhesives that can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds and extreme temperatures. Dow's adhesives are designed for a strong, long-term bond that ensures that the solar panels remain securely attached to the guide rails for the life of the system.

Adhesive for the rails of the photovoltaic moduleadhesive to the solar module rail base

In some PV technologies, glass-to-glass laminates combined with a structural adhesive are preferred to a frame and mechanical fixation.

Suitable PV Segments:

    • BIPW Photovoltaics integrated with the building
    • Thin PV utility film


  • Strong and durable adhesion to glass and aluminum

DOW products used:

> DOWSIL™ PV-8300/PV-8301 Fast Cure Sealant
> DOWSIL™ PV-8300/PV-8303 Ultra-Fast Cure Sealant
> DOWSIL™ 994 Structural Glazing Sealant (Sealant for Building Integrated Photovoltaics - BIPV)
> DOWSIL™ 993N Structural Glazing Sealant (Sealant for Building Integrated Photovoltaics - BIPV)

Agents for potting junction boxes

The junction box is a key component of a photovoltaic system as it connects the solar panels together and provides protection against weather and electrical damage. Enclosure of the junction box helps to extend the life of the electronic components and ensure the reliability of the solar panel throughout its life cycle.

floods photovoltaic junction boxes
DOW products used:

> DOWSIL™ PV-7326 Potting Agent
  • Protects electrical wiring and bypass diodes from water and corrosion.
  • Prevents the formation of arches
  • It dissipates heat


    • Low viscosity
    • Good thermal conductivity
    • Good adhesion to junction box material

Backsheet repair coating

The backsheet is the rear bottom layer of the photovoltaic module, which protects the photovoltaic cells from moisture and mechanical damage. Repairs to the back sheets may be required in the event of degradation due to extreme weather conditions or accidental damage.

repair coating for the back sheet of the photovoltaic panel

Broken foils are a serious problem for operators of photovoltaic parks
  • High resistivity and dielectric breakdown voltage
  • Good and durable adhesion to a suitable backing material
  • resistant to UV radiation
  • Hand or spray painting
DOW products used:

> DOWSIL™ 7094 Flowable Sealant

DOWSIL™ 7094 backsheet repair adhesive is designed to provide high resistance to moisture, heat and UV rays, which guarantees long-term protection of photovoltaic cells from external factors.

Below is a video showing the repair of cracks in the back layer with or without dismantling the photovoltaic module

Solar Cell Floods (Encapsulators)

Encapsulation of solar cells protects them from oxidation, UV rays, moisture and thermal shocks, thus improving their durability and efficiency.

flooding of photocells of solar panels


  • Very long module lifetime
  • Better heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties
  • Good and durable adhesion to glass
  • Anti-PID properties

DOW products used:

> DOWSIL™ PV-6326 Solar Cell Encapsulant (solar cell encapsulation for glass-glass modules)

DOWSIL™ PV-6326 is designed for use with crystalline and amorphous silicon solar cells as well as glass, plastic and metal substrates.

Use in specific applications:

  • BIPW - Building-integrated photovoltaics
  • Desert Modules
  • Floating photovoltaics

Electrically conductive adhesive

DOWSIL™ EC-8425 Electrically Conductive Adhesive is an adhesive specifically designed to make electrical connections between conductive surfaces in photovoltaic systems. This adhesive maintains electrical conductivity through connections, contacts and welds between the various electrical components of the solar panels. It is also used in applications that require efficient heat dissipation, such as LEDs or LCD displays. Dow's electrically conductive adhesive provides exceptional adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics and polymers and resists heat, shock and vibration for reliable and long-lasting electrical connections.

Photovoltaic materials selection guide - DOW photovoltaic materials selection guide.pdf



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