Smar miedziowy Molykote CU-7439 Plus


Molykote CU-7439 Plus copper grease


Molykote CU-7439 Plus is a high-quality metallic paste grease. This grease consists of a partially synthetic base oil, solid lubricants including finely powdered copper. *** Molykote Cu-7439 Plus is used in applications that require protection against water , steam and corrosion , including: brakes seals flange seals screws exhaust systems...

Molykote - High-performance industrial lubricants


Molykote high-performance industrial greases Application Selection Guide LUBRICANTS | ANTI-SEIBLE PASTES | SILICONE COMPOUNDS | OILS | ANTI-FRICTION COATINGS | DISPERSIONS About MOLYKOTE® special lubricants For over 70 years, customers around the world have trusted the MOLYKOTE® brand for performance and expertise to solve or prevent virtually any lubrication problem...

Crusher grease with high load capacity


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Grease for current switches


MOLYKOTE® 3451 - Chemically resistant current switch grease Fluorosilicone grease that improves the reliability of electrical switches MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical Resistant bearing grease Fluorosilicone bearing grease improves the reliability of circuit breakers MOLYKOTE_3451_Current-circuit-breaker-grease.pdf In mains switch maintenance strategies, MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical Resistant Bearing Grease provides: Longer grease life in difficult...