About us

The company's history

ABS Serwis has been operating since January 1993.
Since the beginning, we have been specializing in trading in rolling bearings, lubricants, silicones, adhesives and technical chemistry products, preferring the highest quality goods. We have specialized lubricants as well as anti-friction and anti-corrosion coatings.
since 2003, we have been a Molykote Distributor, as well as Dowsil, Rocol, Krytox, SKF, Weicon.

Since 2000, we have been providing services for domestic and foreign customers in the field of packaging lubricants and oils. New packaging machines allow us to pack even small amounts of goods in sachets, tubes and jars without significant losses resulting from large diameters of transmission lines used in packaging machines.

The newest direction of our activity, operating since 2014, is the production of lubricants and technical chemicals for industry and households. Currently, the line of lubricants for the bicycle industry, which operates on the market under the name elube.pl , is the most developed. The production of lubricants for the household industry operates on the market under the name xlube.

Staff - Our Strengths

The team of employees is selected so that everyone can pursue their passion. The motto of the company's management is that work should bring pleasure and that the workstation should be organized and improved by the employee himself, guided by the needs of the company and his capabilities.
As a Molykote Distributor, the staff is fully prepared to provide comprehensive services to demanding contractors.

We are able to help you choose the right lubricant or use a substitute.