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Grease for current switches


MOLYKOTE® 3451 - Chemically resistant current switch grease

Fluorosilicone grease that improves the reliability of electrical switches

MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical Resistant bearing grease

Fluorosilicone bearing grease improves the reliability of circuit breakers


In mains switch maintenance strategies, MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical Resistant Bearing Grease provides:

  • Longer grease life in difficult conditions
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion
  • Reliability under heavy loads, extreme temperatures and temperatures, and intermittent operation
  • High resistance to oxidation and drying
  • Preventing the formation of deposits and varnish

This fluorosilicone grease can help extend breaker service intervals to 20 years or more and reduce the problems and costs associated with long trip times or no trip at all.

Deteriorated or insufficient lubrication is a common cause of circuit breaker failure. Electrical utilities lubricating crusher bearings with synthetic fluorosilicone grease can significantly reduce failures and improve overall reliability.

MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemically resistant bearing grease lasts longer than other oils and greases in harsh environments. It has been proven to be effective in preventing equipment damage and extending maintenance intervals
and reducing power outages.

DuPont's MOLYKOTE® Smart Lubrication™ technology improves the performance and reliability of high-voltage circuit breakers in electrical installations. Extensive experience shows that lubricating crusher bearings with chemical-resistant MOLYKOTE® 3451 bearing grease – a synthetic fluorosilicone oil thickened with PTFE – reduces failure rates and helps avoid equipment damage and power outages that can have a significant impact on customer service and financial impact .

grease for current switches - Molykote 3451

MOLYKOTE® 3451 chemically resistant bearing grease is available in 85 g tubes, 550 cartridges and 4.5 kg and 18.1 kg pails.

About MOLYKOTE® special lubricants

For over 70 years, customers around the world have trusted the MOLYKOTE® brand for performance and expertise to solve or prevent virtually any lubrication problem and save money.
energy. Available through a global network of over 3,000 sales partners, MOLYKOTE® brand lubricants – featuring over 500 anti-friction coatings, compounds, dispersions, greases, oils and fluids and pastes – serve the automotive and industrial/maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) markets.

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