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TURBO CLEAN FOAM 400ml EVIL Lubricants

Strongly cleaning active foam in Spray

evil lubricants turbo clean cleaning foam spray

EVIL TURBO CLEAN FOAM is an active foam developed for the bicycle and automotive industries, based on orange terpenes, intended for cleaning and removing contaminants from metal, plastic and textile surfaces. EVIL TURBO CLEAN FOAM does not contain halogenated solvents, silanes, silicone compounds and toluene, so it can be safely used on many surfaces. Additives in the form of a corrosion inhibitor protect metal surfaces from corrosion, and the use of a special surfactant mixture with active cleaning ingredients allows you to effectively remove contaminants from glass, wooden, plastic surfaces and sports equipment without damaging the cleaned surfaces. The composition of the product ensures low surface tension on the cleaned surface, ensuring perfect wetting of the surface of dirt and contaminants, thanks to which the cleaning formula works faster and more effectively. Orange cleaner is an alternative option to conventional cleaning chemicals because it is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals.

The fresh orange scent is the result of the use of orange terpenes (LimoneneOils), i.e. aromatic hydrocarbons obtained by steam distillation of citrus peels, which is a strong solvent. These natural oils are excellent at dissolving and emulsifying any water-insoluble contaminants such as grease film, street film, grease, dirt and sludge, as well as other automotive-related contaminants such as insect splatter, tree sap, road tar, accumulated dirt, etc.

The active EVIL TURBO CLEAN FOAM foam easily removes difficult-to-remove dirt, and packaging the product in a pressure can allows the cleaning agent to be applied in any position without causing leaks.

EVIL active foam was developed mainly for the needs of the bicycle and motorcycle market, but it is perfect for removing greasy deposits, grease, labels from metal surfaces, dirt from plastics, workshop equipment, as well as textile surfaces, upholstery and headliners.

How to use: Ready-to-use preparation

1. Shake the aerosol container before use

2. spray the contaminated surface with foam and wipe it with a wet cloth

3. In case of difficult-to-remove dirt, leave the agent on the cleaned surface for a few minutes

Safety of use:

  • container under vacuum
  • do not store or spray the preparation near sources of sparks, open flames or other ignition sources that may cause ignition
  • the mixture does not contain ingredients classified as hazardous to the environment

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