Highly viscous grease

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Highly viscous grease

Molykote 111

is a high viscosity silicone grease. Because the viscosity of a lubricant is a measure of the resistance to flow. The Dow Corning 111 lubricant mixture can be used wherever the lubricant is exposed to leaching, washing out or flowing due to other reasons, e.g. centrifugal force.

What is the viscosity of a lubricant? Suppose we have two test tubes, one filled with water and the other with honey. If we tilt the test tubes upside down, we will notice that the water will flow out much faster than honey, because honey has a higher resistance to flow, higher viscosity than water.

The main components of the lubricant are: silicone oil, inorganic binder, additives. The proportions of the basic ingredients are; polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) - a polymer from the group of siloxanes, approx. 80%, silicon dioxide 9%, dimethylsiloxane, and hydroxane 9%.

Consistency class NLGI 2.5-3, high viscosity and adhesion to surfaces make the grease interchangeable as a lubricant, separating agent and protecting agent.