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Screw Grease EVIL Lubricants

White Anti Seize thread assembly paste

EVIL SCREW Grease synthetic anti-seize paste is an innovative product used in industry and in the operation and maintenance of bicycle and motorcycle products, intended to prevent seizures between components. The density of the assembly paste at a temperature of 20°C is 1.42 g/ cm3 EVIL SCREW paste is characterized by a unique set of features and properties that contribute to the effective and reliable operation of all surfaces and elements for which this paste was used.

Anti Seize EVIL paste, also known as assembly paste, is a special type of grease or sulfur-free substance (sulfur content below 0.1%) used in various applications in bicycle components and other areas such as car mechanics or industry, the main purpose of which is to reduce friction and protection against corrosion, which contributes to improving the efficiency, durability and functionality of the elements.

Applications Applications of Screw Grease Anti Seize Paste:

  1. Bottom bracket: Used around the bottom bracket axis to reduce friction between the bottom bracket shell and the bicycle frame.
  2. Headset: At headset joints (e.g. fork - frame) to prevent corrosion and facilitate subsequent disconnection.
  3. Axles and screws: On threads, axles and screws to protect them from corrosion and facilitate assembly and disassembly.
  4. Brake Calipers: Where the brake calipers meet the frame or fork to provide adequate stopping power and reduce the risk of corrosion.
  5. Cassettes and freewheels: Used on threads and connections between the freehub or thread and sprockets.

One of the key places where anti-seize paste is used is the bottom bracket. Applied around the bottom bracket axis, it reduces friction between the bottom bracket insert and the frame. Thanks to this, these elements can work together efficiently, contributing to smoother pedaling and reducing material consumption. In addition, the anti-seize paste protects these elements against corrosion, which is especially important in wet or metal-aggressive conditions.

The use of paste is also common in the rudder area. When mounting the fork to the bicycle frame, using anti-seize paste on the joints minimizes the risk of corrosion and facilitates subsequent disconnection of these elements.

Axles and screws are the most popular places to use EVIL SCREW assembly paste . The product perfectly protects against corrosion, minimizes friction on nodes and facilitates assembly and disassembly

In the brake area, anti-seize paste is used in various areas. For example, where the brake calipers meet the frame or forks. This ensures adequate braking power and prevents corrosion that could affect brake performance.

Cassettes and freewheels are other areas where anti-abrasion paste plays an important role. Applied to the threads and connections between the barrel and the gears, it protects against corrosion that could make future disassembly difficult or even impossible.

To sum up, EVIL SCREW anti-seize paste is an extremely important element of bicycle maintenance, which aims to minimize friction and protect against corrosion in key points of the structure. Its correct and prudent use can significantly affect the efficiency, durability and comfort of using the bicycle, as well as facilitate maintenance and future repairs. It is worth remembering that choosing the right toothpaste and following the manufacturer's recommendations are crucial to achieving the best results.

Features and Benefits of EVIL SCREW paste

  1. Excellent Thermal Conductivity: Synthetic assembly pastes are designed to provide the highest possible thermal conductivity between components and heatsinks or other cooling components. This allows heat to be transferred and dissipated efficiently, helping to maintain a low operating temperature. When measuring thermal conductivity, we obtain values ​​around 0.7 W/m*K
  2. Seizure Prevention: Synthetic pastes contain microscopic particles or fibers that fill micro-irregularities on component and cooling surfaces. This minimizes the risk of seizures, which can reduce the efficiency of heat conduction and lead to damage. The coefficient of friction on the thread does not exceed 0.11 µ and the reverse friction coefficient does not exceed 0.14 µ.
  3. Thermal stability: Good synthetic assembly pastes are stable over a wide temperature range. They are resistant to thermal changes, which is crucial for the reliable operation of electronic devices in various conditions. The temperature range recommended for using the product is from -40°C to +400°C.
  4. Aging resistance: Synthetic pastes are designed to maintain their properties for a long period of time. This means that their efficiency does not decrease over time, which reduces the need for frequent maintenance, and a typical brine test results in > 170 hours.
  5. Low level of electrical conductivity: Synthetic pastes are designed to minimize the potential risk of short circuits or electrical interference between components. In most cases, they have low electrical conductivity. The new paste has an electrical strength of 0.40 kV/mm and a specific resistance of 1.0x10 15 Ω cm
  6. Ease of application: Synthetic pastes are usually easy to apply, which facilitates even coverage of the surfaces of components, and the application process is facilitated by a penetration value after kneading in the range of 330 10–1 mm, considered as a very soft grease. This avoids air bubbles that could affect thermal conduction.

It is worth emphasizing that the selection of the appropriate assembly paste depends on the specific application, type of components and thermal requirements. Different pastes may have different ingredients, properties and uses. Before use, it is worth carefully reading the manufacturer's documentation and recommendations regarding application and storage. Synthetic anti-seize assembly pastes are a key element in protecting electronic components from overheating and damage, helping to improve device performance and reliability. The use of EVIL SCREW assembly paste provides all the above-mentioned advantages and makes it a premium product for the entire motorcycle and bicycle industry, regardless of whether these are products used in deep competition or only amateur riding.

Basic data of the SCREW GREASE product

Standard Contents Unit Result
color white
Composition: synthetic oil - base, solid lubricants, thickener, Teflon, paraffin.
Operating temperature in °C -20 to +850
ISO 2137 Penetration mm/10 230
ISO 2811 Density at 20 º C g/ml 1.42
DIN 51 350 pt.4 Four-ball test welding load N 3800

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