ROCOL Sapphire Aqua 2 Waterproof grease

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Waterproof bearing grease

Rocol sapphire aqua 2

Professional grease for applications in damp or wet conditions . Resistant to high pressure, salt and fresh water. Z designed to ensure the highest resistance to water washout.


  • for ball bearings
  • for roller bearings
  • for plain bearings
  • rakes
  • port cranes
  • water pumps

Features and benefits

  • Temperature range (-20°C to 150°C).
  • Salt water resistance
  • High pressure resistance
  • Complex soap technology with aluminum and EP additives
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Longer lubrication intervals
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High viscosity

Technical data

    Characteristic Test method Result
    Appearance visual translucent, brown, sticky
    Base type -
    Highly refined mineral oil
    Base fluid viscosity at 40°C IP71 - ASTM D445 120cSt
    Base fluid viscosity at 100 °C IP71 - ASTM D445 11 c.St
    Thickener -
    Aluminum complex soap
    temperature range -
    -20°C to +150°C
    Weld load 4 ball test IP 239 - ASTM D2596 315 kg
    Timken "OK" Load IP 326 ASTM D2509 45 pounds
    Emcor corrosion test IP 220 0 : 0
    Copper corrosion test IP112 - ASTM D130 1b
    NLGI consistency no IP50 - ASTM D217 2
    Water washout test IP215 - ASTM D1264 1.7%
    Period of validity - 36 months

    Application method:

    SAPPHIRE Aqua 2 can be applied by hand, grease guns, drum pumps or other methods compatible with the consistency of NLGI 2 grease . Compatible with other soap-thickened greases. However, for best results, the previous grease should be removed before use .


      When using ROCOL products, comply with the physical, safety, toxicological and environmental data and regulations contained in the packaging description.

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