Spark plug paste 10g

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Spark plug paste 10g

Special dielectric grease for ignition systems. Product packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

For spark plugs and the ignition system that is exposed to chemical contamination, we offer a paste from eLUBE by ABS Serwis Dielectric Lubricant, which will protect the thread and the plug and basically prevent the spark from jumping over the insulator and all engine components, which we cover with a thin layer of dielectric lubricant paste. The cause is a spark over the spark plug insulator, it is most often a leaky end of the high-voltage cable. The tips are often porous, or due to microscopic cracks caused by long-term use. Before each installation of spark plugs, we recommend lubricating the spark plug insulator and the thread with spark plug grease from eLUBE by ABS Dielectric grease. The paste is recommended for use when replacing old cables. This usually creates a gap in the connection of the candle pipe. Lubricate and seal white spark plug insulators and all pipe connections. Some paste users believe that it eliminates punctures completely. The manufacturer only informs that the product ensures longer life of spark plugs and ignition cables - we recommend it to everyone when changing spark plugs and problems with the ignition system.

Best Answer: Dielectric Grease is used for 2 reasons:

1. Makes it easier to remove the spark plug/boot wire from the spark plug.

2. Keeps out water that may try to get inside the spark plug shoe. I recommend it as well, putting anti-seize lubricant on the spark plug threads.

Dielectric paste from eLUBE by ABS Serwis is used in the ignition system for spark plugs and wires, as a lubricant to increase tightness, additional insulation and facilitate assembly.

Products of similar composition or application: Beru ZKF 01, VersaChem 15309, AGS Grease SP-1

spark plug paste