Krytox™ GPL 226 PFPE oxygen grease

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Atest: NSF H1 spożywczy do kontaktu z żywnością

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Dobra odporność chemiczna, Dobra odporność na utlenianie, Dobra przyczepność do wielu podłoży, Kompatybilność guma i tworzywa, Niski poziom hałasu, Wydajność w dużych prędkościach, Wydajność w niskich prędkościach, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur., Wysoka przyczepność i adhezja

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 2

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Przemysł: Chemia i Petrochemia, Energetyczny, Lotnictwo, Medycyna i farmacja, Obróbka i produkcja metali, Papier i Celuloza, Ropa i gaz, Żywność i Napoje

Skład Ciała Stałe: PTFE teflon

Wysoka temperatura: +250°C do 300°C

Zastosowanie: Chemiczne żrące środowisko, Maszyny spożywcze, Papier i tektura, Pompy, Próżnia, Próżnia pompy próżniowe, Silniki elektryczne, Smarowanie gumy i elastomerów, Smarowanie tworzyw sztucznych, uszczelnienia, uszczelnienia o-ringi i zawory, Usługi reaktywne, Wielozadaniowe, Łożyska toczne

baza chemiczna: Fluorowa PFPE Perfluoropolieter

Krytox™ GPL 226 Grease

Synthetic fluorinated grease based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE oil) for extreme operating conditions and temperatures up to 260 °C

Krytox™ GPL 226 is a high-temperature anti-corrosion grease that provides protection against rust, high corrosion, temperature protection and anti-wear,

Will not spontaneously ignite in oxygen at temperatures up to 482 ºC (900 ºF) or pressures up to 350 bar.
Safe, non-reactive and non-flammable when used with reactive chemicals
and safe for use in all areas of oxygen service.

Typical applications

  • bearings (paper industry, textile equipment, paint shops, fans, production of aluminum cans, high-speed motors)
  • chemical industry: machines in contact with acids, bases, solvents and reactive gases.
  • chemical processing valves,
  • fans, pumps, motors, centrifuges,
  • energy generation: bearings (not washed out by water, steam or solvents)
  • oxygen systems, including LOX and GOX.
  • seals and o-rings - compatible with all types of seals

Features and benefits

  • 100% compatible with oxygen
  • Excellent lubricity leading to longer equipment life
  • Completely non-combustible, which can eliminate the need for ancillary systems designed to prevent fires and explosions
  • Safe when used with other oxidizing chemicals such as fluorine, chlorine and bromine
  • Maintaining lubrication at extremely high temperatures up to + 260 °C
  • Compatible with all materials elastomers, plastics, metals
  • NSF H1 food grade certified for incidental food contact

The advantage of lubricants based on fluorinated oils is shown in the graph below with operating ranges at temperatures

advantages of krytox lubricants on fluorine oil

product specification

Typical properties for a grease GPL 106 GPL 206 GPL 216 GPL 226
Anti-corrosion additives NO NO NO Yes
Extreme pressure EP additives NO NO Yes NO
Anticorrosive Rating, ASTM D1743 lack lack lack It passes
Appearance Light oil White, creamy texture Black, creamy texture White, creamy texture
4 Ball Wear 0.66mm 0.97mm 1.29mm 0.81mm
ASTM D4172 (oil) / D2266 (grease)
40kg, 1200rpm, 1hr at 75 °C (167 °F)
ASTMD3336, h, 10,000 rpm, 200°C (392°F) 108.2/400 kg 139.4/800 kg 139.0/620 kg 199.9/over 800 kg*
4 Ball EP, ASTM D2783 (oil) / 2596 (grease)
LWI / Weld Load
Estimated Usable Temperature Range –36–260 °C (–33–500 °F)
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt 20°C(68°F) 822
40°C(104°F) 243
100°C(212°F) 25
204°C(400°F) 4.1
Oil Viscosity Index 134
Oil Separation, wt% after 30 hrs, 99°C (210°F) 4
Max Oil Variation, % in 22 hours, D2595  
121°C (250°F) <1
204°C (400°F) <3
Dropping point      
Standard NLGI Consistency 2 2 2
(Other Available on Special Request)
Density at 0°C (32°F), g/cc 1.94 1.98 2.12 1.99
Approval for contact with food NO NSF H-1 NO NSF H-1

Storage and durability

Due to the inert, non-oxidizing nature of the ingredients, Krytox™ greases and oils have an indefinite shelf life if left unopened and stored in a clean, dry place.

    Application in the chemical industry and oxygen services

    Field tested Krytox™ high performance lubricants have been independently researched and tested by companies and organizations such as Air Liquide, BAM, NASA and General Dynamics and have been proven to be compatible with oxygen and other reactive chemicals.

    Conventional mineral oils and synthetic lubricants are not compatible with reactive gases such as oxygen or other oxidizing chemicals.
    In contrast, Krytox™ oils and greases are non-flammable, chemically inert, thermally stable and safe for use in all areas of oxygen service.


    • Aerospace oxygen service including NASA and the military
    • Cryogenic pumps used by leading manufacturers including Cryostar, Cryomec, Estrtio, Cosmodyne and APD
    • Cryogenic blowers, bearings, compressors, connecting rods, couplings, o-rings and other mechanical components
    • Vacuum pump fluids in oxygen service equipment from major suppliers such as BOC Edwards, Leybold and Ebara
    • Oxygen equipment used in industrial, medical and recreational applications (e.g. diving)

    Application in the automotive industry

    • Automotive bearings
    • alternators
    • valves

      Application in the food industry

      • Bearings, valves, seals, O-rings
      • Anti-rust lubrication
      • For corrosive environments
      • Lubrication of points with extremely high temperature + 260 °C