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What lubricant should be used for electric bike gears?


What lubricant should be used for electric bike gears?

It is usually recommended to use a dedicated grease for electric bike gears, which should be characterized by high strength, resistance to loads and oxidation, as well as provide adequate lubrication in various weather conditions and be compatible with plastics.

Electric bicycles are equipped with various types of gears, but the most common type of gears in a bicycle engine are planetary gears, including: TSDZ2, BBS01 and BBS02 gearbox.

The most commonly used grease for bicycle gears is a grease intended for plastic bicycle gears, e.g. synthetic grease.

A good grease for this purpose should be able to provide long-lasting lubrication, reduce friction and wear, and protect components from corrosion. Gears made of plastics such as nylon, polyurethane or polyamide have specific lubrication requirements.

Good quality lubricant will maintain smooth movement, reduce wear and extend the life of the gear. Regardless of the material the gear components are made of, the lubricant dedicated to the gears in an electric bicycle should be compatible with any type of plastic.

Before purchasing a lubricant, it is a good idea to read the owner's manual of your electric bike to make sure that the lubricant you choose meets the manufacturer's requirements. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to operating conditions, such as ambient temperature and humidity, in order to choose a lubricant suitable for the specific conditions of use of the bicycle.

what lubricant for electric bike gears

Features and advantages that a good electric bike gear grease should have:

  1. High temperature and load:

    Electric motors generate heat. Synthetic lubricants can withstand higher temperatures and loads, which prevents the mechanisms from overheating
  2. Water and moisture resistance:

    Electric bikes are exposed to water and moisture, especially when riding in the rain. Please remember that synthetic lubricants protect bearings and other parts against corrosion and rusting better than mineral products.
  3. Friction reduction:

    Lubricating the chain, gears and bearings of the electric motor reduces friction, which in turn increases the energy efficiency and performance of the bicycle.
  4. Chemical stability:

    Synthetic greases are characterized by greater chemical stability compared to mineral greases. They do not degrade easily under the influence of high temperatures or UV radiation.
  5. Longer service life:

    Thanks to better protection against wear and corrosion, synthetic lubricants have an extended service life of electric bike components.
  6. Reducing the need for maintenance:

    Due to their properties, synthetic lubricants require less frequent maintenance than traditional lubricants, which translates into the convenience of using the bicycle.
  7. Compatibility with various materials:

    Synthetic lubricants are more likely to be compatible with a variety of materials such as metals, plastics and rubbers, making them a universal solution for use on various parts of the bike.
  8. Wear protection and load capacity:

    The high durability of synthetic lubricants allows for effective protection against wear even in the case of intensive use of the electric bike.
  9. High Speed ​​Resistance:

    An electric bicycle can reach higher speeds than a traditional bicycle, which requires lubricants that are more resistant to the dynamic forces acting on the chain and gears.
  10. Minimizing annoying noises:

    Using high-quality, synthetic lubricants can help reduce noise from your bike's mechanisms, contributing to a more comfortable ride.
electric bike lubricant

All the requirements described above are met by a product from EVIL Lubricants, newly developed in 2024


Basic properties of EVIL Gear Grease

Standard Contents Unit Result
CTM 0176B Color green
Composition: synthetic hydrocarbon and lithium soap (base oil - polyalphaolefine PAO, thickener - lithium soap), solid lubricants (nano-particles).
Recommended operating temperature °C from -40 to +120
ASTM D 2265 Dropping point °C 190
DIN 51 818 NLGI class 1
ASTM D 217 Penetration (60 cycles) mm/10 320
DIN 51 562 Viscosity of the base oil at 40 ° C mm ² / s 1120
ISO 2811 Density at 20 º C g/cm³ 0, 87
Degree of corrosion of copper sheet 1A
ASTM D 2596 Weld (Four-ball machine with rpm/60 1500), H - 1440
ASTM D 2266 Load capacity index (Four-ball machine, 1200 rpm/392 N/75°C/1 h) mm 0.73

EVIL GEAR is a green synthetic grease with high adhesion to plastic surfaces, which, thanks to the fact that it works perfectly with plastic/plastic and plastic/metal and metal/metal lubrication nodes, can be used for virtually every gear in an electric bicycle.

The manufacturer states that the base of Evil Gear grease is synthetic oil (polyalphaolefin). According to the composition provided by the manufacturer, the grease also contains additives that significantly increase the lubricant resistance to heavy loads and protect the bicycle's drive unit against wear, which increases the life of each bicycle gear.

In addition to the very interesting green color and resistance to moisture and water, it is worth noting that the manufacturer has refined the viscosity , which seems to be optimal for lubricating and protecting the plastic drive system of the electric bicycle.

The biggest advantage of the new Evil product is the very quietness of both the new and regenerated gears. The grease holds very well and the "slip stick" lubricant film does not break.

Evil Gear grease can be used in Bosch, Yamaha and other systems as well as TSDZ2, BBS01 and BBS02 gears.

Other similar famous gear lubricants:

Bosch Drive Unit Grease, MOLYKOTE PG-75 or EM-50L, INSTRUMENT GREASE 794A Nye Lubricants, Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease, BAFANG Gear Vet.

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