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Molykote ®, operating since 1948, is an American chemical company specializing in the production of lubricants, lubricating coatings, paste and oil dispersions.

Currently, it is part of the Dupont concern.

MOLYKOTE® Greases provide best-in-class specialty lubricants for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

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Molykote products

MOLYKOTE® high-performance industrial lubricants Application selector guide

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Molykote lubricants

Lubricants, available in various consistencies, meet the requirements of heavy duty, heavy duty, wide temperature range and low to high speed operation. Solid and semi-solid materials, use lubricants, thickeners and additives as a base. Specialty base oils include silicone, fluorosilicone and PFPE (for fluoropolyether). The main applications are: gears, all types of bearings, conveyor systems, guides, drives, pumps, valves, sockets and shafts.
Oils and liquids
synthetic or mineral oils containing performance enhancing additives meet the lubrication requirements for compressors, pumps, gearboxes, chain drives, hydraulic systems and more.

Lubricating pastes

Lubricating products containing high amounts of lubricating solids to protect industrial equipment components from galling, galling, and galling or damage under heavy loads. Their advantage is that even if the grease or carrier oil is squeezed out or expelled under load, the solids form a strong lubricating film on metal surfaces.

Oils. Liquids. Dispersions

Oils, dispersions, fluids are synthetic or mineral oils containing performance enhancing additives that meet the lubrication requirements of compressors, pumps, gearboxes, chain drives, hydraulic systems and others.

Anti-friction coatings

A very thin film providing permanent dry-bonded lubrication for the parts industry, dirty environments and those where re-lubrication is not possible. Often referred to as "lubricating paints", these anti-friction coatings (AFC) coat parts with a dry, slippery film that fills surface roughness and optimizes friction on the wearing surface, even under extreme loads and operating conditions
Silicone compounds
lubricating materials that can perform the dual function of lubricating and sealing metals, plastics, glass or rubber under light loads and high temperatures. Silicone fluids and inert silica fillers provide good resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation while maintaining key properties over a wide temperature range.